Pashmina Weaving

Pashmina Weaving is probably one of the most famous handicrafts in Kashmir. The name Pashmina inevitably calls to mind the place Kashmir. Pashmina has come a long way from being a piece of clothing protecting people from the extreme cold of Kashmir to becoming a fine luxury item. 

Pashmina is indigenous to Kashmir. The Himalayan Mountain goat produces the fleece for Pashmina. The people of Kashmir were the first to present such products. Srinagar is the hub for producing Pashmina products. Many varieties of Pashmina are available for both locals and tourists. Sarees, shawls, scarves, and even wraps are famous Pashmina items. The entire work on the cloth is handmade. Artists put a lot of effort to come up with authentic and vibrant designs on the pieces. The makers need to pay particular attention to ensure that the softness of the fabric remains intact through the different stages of developing the raw wool.  

Completing a Pashmina product requires a lot of skill and hard work. Retention of the softness of the fabric, deciding colours, selecting a pattern, and finally weaving unique designs all require expert knowledge and skill. The tradition of Pashmina making is quintessential to Kashmir, and the fine quality of the items and its more delicate construction of patterns make Pashmina an asset to Kashmiri handicrafts.