Our Story

A culture is all we pass on from generation to generation. Time passes by and we hop on to new fashions & new trends, leaving behind our Legacy, our Tradition! Kashmiri handicrafts dates back to 11th century and this OLD is as good as GOLD!! We all can proudly say that the handicrafts made by Kashmiri artisans are beyond compare and extremely lovable!
But to meet growing needs like nowadays & more opportunities coming their way, very few are left to follow the footsteps of their ancestors. Not to forget, the way fashion is changing, it’s really hard for these traditional artisans working through the verandas of their homes to catch on to the latest trends and fashion!
Truly said " change is the only constant "
And this is exactly what Saugaat Station owes its existence to.
SS is founded by me , Shuchi Malhotra, an engineer by qualification but a designer by heart. It all started when I got married into a family doing traditional Kashmiri Handloom business in J&K for past 22 years. After getting a closer insight into the available variety, I fell in love with the creativity of the artisans. I got mesmerized by the color combinations used & the intricate designs of the embroidery. I wanted to wear almost every design available.
But the only thing that held me back was the fact that I was not able to include such unique pieces of creativity in my daily wear as they were mostly available in the form of suits & shawls. It saddened me to see that our young generation was not able to make the most of this beautiful culture!
So, with a keedha in mind for fusion and design, I thought it to be a good idea to infuse our date back culture with the latest trends and fashion that appeals the fashionistas of all generations especially the Gen Z & the millennials. I have tried to include a vast variety of must-have wardrobe essentials ranging from traditional Kashmiri kadhai suits to pashmina shawls to trendy palazzos providing chic yet elegant looks.
Finally, after much deliberation & undying efforts of 18 months & constant support from family, my thought converted into an idea which transitioned into execution, and now it is my dream that ‘every women should have at least one Kashmiri handicraft in her wardrobe’ .